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i thought since this community's namesake is from the movie high fidelity that this would be relevant here.
i heard that the new cbs show "love monkey" was being touted as the tv version of high fidelity, so i decided to watch it on tuesday night (10pm). after finishing an episode, i found that comparison to be quite insulting. rob gordon (john cusack's character) is the hero of HF; through his every fuck up, you are rooting for him to come out ahead. the main character in "love monkey" (played by tom cavanaugh) has none of the charm of rob gordon and all of the arrogance. i did enjoy the musical references peppered throughout the show, but was left feeling empty at the end of the hour. i couldn't connect to the main character so i couldn't allow myself to care about his exploits. i suppose i should give it another week or two, but i will do so completely begrudgingly.
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i just finished watching the most masturbatory piece of drivel i've seen in awhile: last days. or, excuse me, gus van sant's last days.
as a reformed grunge kid, i wanted to love this movie. i at least wanted it to be mildly accurate. instead, i found myself feeling absolutely nothing the entire time except an extreme case of ennui. don't rent this movie. you just may end up killing yourself.
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what the hell happened to this community? let's get a move on, people!

i saw capote last weekend, it was awesome. catherine keener was bizarrely good playing very out of character, finally. and oh, phillip. you are divine. the ghost of capote was grinning, seriously, his impression was amazing. the film itself was really good, really eerily beautiful in the way it was shot. i was absolutely enthralled. but at the same time it was really quiet and unassuming.

no matter how many times i've seen films on the death sentence, i'm always very disturbed by them and they tend to haunt me. this one was particularly chilling.

**** stars from moi

signing off, your humble film addict
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anti-obesity bias

while i greatly enjoyed charlie and the chocolate factory, i will say one thing that i really hated. this isn't really a spoiler, so i don't think i'll lj-cut it.

why is it that the comic relief of every film has to be the fat kid? why is the fat kid always sloppy and disgusting? i understand that augustus gloop was supposed to represent gluttony and all that, but seriously, come on now. it seems like the big laughs of the movie came at this poor little fat child's expense.
and it's not just this film that i'm picking on. i can name a thousand others that use obese characters as comic foils. am i overly sensitive to this issue?
i'd love to hear other opinions on this subject.
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i've never felt magic crazy as this.

i was tagged by the wonderful miss brandie to do this, so here goes.

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video: 83

2. The last film I bought: i think napoleon dynamite. how depressing. you don't really buy movies when you have netflix.

3. The last film I watched: fever pitch at the theater today with my family, and britney baby, one more time from netflix

4. Five films that I watch a lot: pretty in pink, lost in translation, garden state, nightmare before christmas, the big lebowski

5. Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal:
all the awesome people in this community!
-kira, erik, crissy, charlotte, and summer
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Nobody posts in here anymore, so here is my Summer Movie Preview for y'all*

KICKING AND SCREAMING – Will Ferrell plays the coach of a kiddie soccer team. Isn’t it a tad early in his career to be stealing from Rodney Dangerfield?**

STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH – It will be awesome. This subject is not open to debate.

CINDERELLA MAN – Russell Crowe plays the title pugilist. Is he called that because he has a glass jaw? I can’t wait to not find out!


FUN WITH DICK AND JANE – Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni star as a bank robbing couple who take the fun out of movie-going!

HERBIE: FULLY LOADED – Which is what I’ll need to be to sit through a re-make of THE LOVE BUG. Holla!

FANTASTIC FOUR – From the director of BARBERSHOP. Awwww, no he didn’t!

WAR OF THE WORLDS – Look out, computer generated effects are attacking America's favorite Scientologist!

BEWITCHED – If anyone can fuck up a Will Ferrell comedy, it’s Nora Ephron!

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY – Fans of the original need not worry: Tim Burton left in the Oompah Loompahs AND the reveal of the Statue of Liberty at the end. Gloop!

THE DUKES OF HAZARD – Finally the phrase "Check out Jessica Simpson’s ass!" is not a reference to Nick Lachey.

*Actually Doug Benson's Summer Movie Preview with minor adjustments