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Quick Movie Review

Infernal Affairs - Chinese crime drama about a cop who goes undercover in a Triad gang, and a Triad gang member who goes undercover as a cop in the same department. I really liked this movie. The scene when both sides are in the same room and realize they have moles from the other side amongst them was rad. Then of course it ends with the overly dramatized Chinese ending as all Chinese dramas end.

She Hate Me - A successful, black VP of a drug research firm calls out his own company on it's self-serving ethics, gets fired, then conveniently makes money impregnating 5 - 8 lesbians a night at about $5000 a pop. Probably the worst Spike Lee movie I've ever seen. Not even hot girl-on-girl action could save this movie. I was never really a big Spike Lee fan, but the guy definitely has skills. Do The Right Thing and 25th Hour were cool. But this....this was awful. Right down to the blatant rip-off of the "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" Supreme Courthouse Ruling.

I <3 Huckabees - Two Existential Detectives do philosophical battle with a French Nihilist over the hearts and minds of Marky Mark and Jason Schwartsman. Having just come out of a Philosophy class, I found this to be pretty funny. It's nice to see Jude Law play an asshole for once. And with every movie Mark Walberg does, he takes one step further and further away from the MarkyMark persona. He's not a great actor, but definitely above average. Good Flick. It's my pick-o-the-week.

A Simple Plan - A Sam Raimi movie that somehow passed by me. Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thorton play brothers who stumble upon a crashed plane with $4 Million dollars in it. Obviously they plan to keep it, but agree to not spend any of it until the investigation blows over. So in the mean time, tensions build and all kinds of shit hits all kinds of fans. The Danny Elfman score adds some nice touches too. I was on the lookout for standard Raimi staples like the classic yellow 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 that he's put in every movie of his since the first Evil Dead (except for The Quick & The Dead which is a western) or JK Simmons behind a desk eating donuts, large clock towers, the crazy zoom-in/zoom-outs, or his brother Ted Raimi showing up and doing something goofy. Alas, none of that was to be found in A Simple Plan. (Although an old lady taking a shotgun blast was reminiscent of Evil Dead 2) But this movie was still pretty good. If you've already seen Huckabees, I recommend A Simple Plan. Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thorton work great together. I mean c'mon, they're both named Bill.
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