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You are home.

I was watching a very entertaining show on VH1 last night that was all about songs on movie soundtracks that really had a special impact on the movie.
This is an fascinating topic for me because I would love to be a music supervisor on a movie. Some of the moments they listed are definitely ones I would have included in my own list:
- "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen (in Wayne's World)
- "Say a Little Prayer" - Dionne Warwick (in My Best Friend's Wedding) [such a good movie moment!]
- "Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls (in City of Angels)
- "Sister Christian" - Night Ranger (in Boogie Nights) [i LOVE this scene.]
- "Colorblind" - Counting Crows (in Cruel Intentions) [perfect song for the scene]
and now my top two (that they also mentioned):
- "In Your Eyes" - Peter Gabriel (in Say Anything) [where is my lloyd dobler?!]
- "Tiny Dancer" - Elton John (in Almost Famous) [one of my all time favorite movies, and moments in a movie: where you realize everything is going to be all right]

I would add to this list:
- any Aimee Mann song from Magnolia, but especially the one they all sing outloud.
- "The Only Living Boy in New York" - Simon and Garfunkel (in Garden State) [i'm such a sap]
- "Miss Misery" - Elliott Smith (in Good Will Hunting)
- "Needle in the Hay" - Elliott Smith (in The Royal Tenenbaums) [the perfect song for the moment]
- "Tonight You Belong to Me" - Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters (in The Jerk)
- "More Than This" - Bill Murray singing Roxy Music (in Lost in Translation) [such a good turning point in the movie]
- "Northern Sky" - Nick Drake (in Serendipity)
- "Hotel California" - performed by the Gypsy Kings (in The Big Lebowski) [introducing... THE JESUS!]

if i don't stop there, i'll never stop. it's so amazing to think about what an important role music plays in key scenes in movies.

add to my list!
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