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i <3 huckabees

for some reason i didn't hear much about this movie when it came out but i absolutely loved it to death: i heart huckabees. the website is awesome too. but jason schwartzman needs to pluck 'em, no?

what did you think? comments?
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i saw it when it was still in limited release, and i absolutely fell in love with all of it-- the characters, the theme, jon brion's score, et al. i don't think many people agree though.
i plan on buying it when i get some more cash.
weird, i think a lot of people didnt *get* it. although that's bizarre to me because i felt it spoke to me (much like lost in translation did) on a weird sub-sonic-super-duper-awesome-brain-wave level, just like some stuff i've been thinking about lately. and i love the cast and i love everything about it really, esp. how much attention was paid to the style and lighting and everything, very wes anderson!!! although not at all like his work... ha. david o russel is a weirdo, have you seen any of his other movies? he's def. an acquired taste (but i loved them all so far)!
i definitely got that "it's speaking to me!" feeling too.
yes, the style and lighting were awesome. and really, mark wahlberg's one liners were so fucking fantastic.
i haven't seen his other films, which is a travesty. i'll netflix them.
I adored it! I even posted about it at the time. The silliness and philosophy was in perfect balance. Sweet film harmony.